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Megan Mead (Fife)
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VA Mom, Speech Language Pathologist Married 2 UT, VA Kelli Bodine (Millett), Geri Hall (Broadbent), Mandy Larson (Ray), Chris Bosworth, Ben King
It was fun to try to remember people who I am positive I knew in high school, but can't recognize at all from the pictures!  Ten years seems so short, but it can change a lot. 

I got BS and MS from BYU in Speech Language Pathology.  My husband of 6 years, Adam, works for a government contract firm in business development and strategic communications. I build awesome train tracks, race tracks, and run, run, run all day with our two boys, Brigham (4) and Jackson (2).  I have done some private therapy as well, but not since we moved to DC.  I do miss the warm AZ sun-I don't think I'll ever get that out of my blood.

Have fun at the reunion-I'll see you there if plane tickets get below $300!
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Megan Massey (Fischbeck)
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Mesa AZ United States Mommy Married 3
No excuses pregnant ladies out there! I'll be 9 months prego with baby #4 and I still plan on being there. Can't wait. Send Megan a MessageSend Megan a Message
Tara Richey (Fisher)
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Gilbert Az US Mommy Married 2

Life is good!

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Onalee Fox Kennedy (Fox)
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Copperas Cove TX USA Sr. Certified Pharmacy Tech Married 2 Mesa, Scottsdale, etc., Texas
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Jayson Fulton
Mesa AZ Bank Loan processor Married 1
No photo yet but will add once I have one ready.  Send Jayson a MessageSend Jayson a Message
Melissa Geldermann
mesa az usa Analyst Committed Relationship 1 Haven't left Mesa Having Holidays car spirit painted. I just told her a couple years ago I was behind it The econ teacher...he let me sleep in class Holiday and Jolynn mostly. Kimi Hampton every now and again

Can't complain I have a beautiful 9 yr old girl, good job and great friends.

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Amy Gessel
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Arlington VA USA Medical Biller/Model/Photographer Single
I can't believe its been 10 years!  I currently live in Arlington, VA. I'm big into running, ran my first full marathon in Nashville, TN April 2007 and I'm signed up to run several 1/2s and one or two fulls this year. I still love photography but took a break for a bit to be in front of the lense. Nothing huge just photographers in the Washington, DC area, who knows where it will lead. I hope to be able to make the trip out to AZ.  It will be good to catch up with everyone. Send Amy a MessageSend Amy a Message
Ali Ghazi-Askar
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Chicago IL Student . . . still Single Davis, CA Chicago, IL Model UN trips and float building, dances, making the carboard boat for physics and sinking . . . quickly . . . twice . . ., and of course, GRADUATING and going "out to the places you will be from" getting kicked by Mr. Robinson Mr. Helsel, Mr. Good, Mr. Cannaday Jason Geis, Julia Cali, John Aldridge, Matt Torrez, Derek Lookingbill, Joe Benzer.

10 years.  Wow, they went by fast.  In looking around the site, I am glad to see everyone doing well and starting families.  I am finishing up my last year of medical school and am becoming Ali Ghazi-Askar M.D. from Ali Ghazi-Askar A.P.S (Abused Perpetual Student) on June 6 in Chicago.  As  such, I will not be able to attend the reunion.  I hope the next 10 years bring everyone nothing but health and happiness..  I would love to hear from everyone.  Take care.

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Kelly Crowe (Gonzalez)
Mesa AZ Investment professional Married

Wow, 10yrs already... I graduated from ASU in 2003. Got my insurance & securites licenses & work in my dad's financial planning firm. I'm also a beauty consultant w/ Mary Kay, which I love. I do makeup for weddings & special occasions. I got married almost 2yrs ago, no kids yet. We're trying to fill up the passport 1st.  After living all over the east valley, somehow we ended up back in good 'ol Mesa.

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Tracy Goodwin
austin tx Medicaid Forecasting Married 2
Me and Sara Stewart are still together, we got married 2 yrs ago. We have 2 children, Garrett who is 2yrs and Brianna who is 1mo.

We both graduated from ASU, I got a BS in psych and BA in philosophy, Sara got a BS in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Sara is currently working on her PhD at UT Austin in Cell and Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Bio-informatics. I work for the state on Medicaid forecasting.
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