Add your pictures to our photo albums! Scan the oldies, download the newbies and show us all what you've been up to these last 20 years. You can upload the photos to a specific album by clicking on the link.


10-Year Reunion Pictures

This album is for pictures taken during the 10-Year Reunion. Please feel free to download any good ones you captured that night.

A special thanks to Aubrey Wood Startin for taking pictures at the reunion. To see more photos visit, click on the "Client Proofs" link and then the "1998 MVH Class Reunion" link.

Remember when . . .

Any picture from jr. high through high school is fair game in this album.

Ketsy Clarkson & Allison Wright - Mexico City 2000

Toros Abroad

Show us some evidence that you've done something fun over the past 10 years. One pic per trip, please!

Rune Hendershott

Little Toros

For those with children, this album gives you a chance to show off the little tikes!

Braeden Baker- (Jami Harper)

Little Toros II

With the popularity of the "Little Toros" album, we've started this second album to make picture viewing easier. Please add new photos to this album.
Ironman Arizona 2007 (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run): 7th female from AZ, 9th in age group, 62nd female ov

Toro Talents

This album contains pictures of our classmates performing their many talents, from mainstream to zany.
Going through my photos, I found this little gem.  It was a lot of fun working on the Star Wars Films.

Toros on the Red Carpet

People magazine Toro style . . . Photoshop permitted.
There are no photos in this album.

Toro Pets

This album is for all those furry friends of yours!